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As a photographer specializing in corporate headshots (often against gray backgrounds) my days are typically filled with professional bankers, attorneys, doctors… While I love the artistry involved in this type of work, it doesn’t always spark the highest levels of creativity. But every now and then a more unique project comes my way, and in this case it was…a lime. Well, a man dressed like a lime. Rather, a man being a lime. In a mug. Oh, just go watch the short film and you will see what I mean: Moscow Mule

Jensen (a normal sized man) needed to fit into a (normal sized) mug as a beleaguered lime for his newest project (again, go watch the film for any of this to make sense). We threw some ideas around to get the creative juices around and hit the studio. In the end we had the perfect moscow mule, and then some.

A little about Jensen Abhau

Jensen has spent the vast majority of his life learning and honing his cinematography, editing, and visual effects skills, resulting in hundreds of projects spanning YouTube, TikTok, and his good ol’ iMovie archive—some of which he’ll actually let see the light of day. His most recent series of films, including Curveball!, Campus!, 23, and Moscow Mule tell stories of love, loss, growing up, and general existential turmoil through the piercing lens of his fresh sense of humor. Check out his work at or on the socials: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

And if your curious about the process of man becoming lime, here are some of unedited shots:

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