What to expect with headshot retouching

Your headshot should look like the best possible version of you. Filters are all too common now but these are not professional images, they are snapchat messages. All of our retouching is done by hand by hand and will soften skin, take care of blemishes, and whiten eyes and teeth. They take a good image and make it a bit better, but the ultimate goal is to get it right in camera when the shutter clicks.

Nothing Compares to Good Preparation

Think of retouching as enhancing a great photo and not fixing mistakes. Great lighting, posing, make up and planning make for a great photo – the retouching is just the icing on the cake.

Basic retouching includes:

  • Softening the appearance of dark circles under eyes and wrinkles
  • Remove yellow and red from eyes and teeth
  • Erase temporary blemishes like acne and razor bumps
  • Enhance the color and contrast for more impact

Retouching Does Not:

  • “Edit off 20 lbs”
  • Change hair style or cover roots
  • Fix wrinkled clothing
  • Overly smooth skin

Enhanced Retouching is Available for an additional fee.

  • Background replacement
  • Body Sculpting (slimming and other adjustments)
  • Custom Digital Backgrounds
  • Adjusting hair/flyaways

We will never change who you are and how you look. Headshots should be flattering, but they should also look like you. It’s easy to focus on all the things we don’t like about ourselves but the honest truth is no one else sees us that way. Authenticity is a big part of great headshot, and besides…people do see you in real life and the secret is out!

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