honey bee bumble baby girl cake smashHow to Decide?

There are so many possibilities for cake smash themes it can be a little overwhelming for parents. Some babies have a cute nick name that lends itself perfectly to a theme (see sweet Honey Bee!)  and if you can play off something personal that is a perfect direction to go. Some may match a nursery theme or favorite book/toy (Sophie the Giraffe). Holidays and seasonal sets are great. But most parents just feel overwhelmed with the prospect so I thought I would offer some guidance.

Browse my gallery for recent sets, most of these will be available to be customized for your session (no two ever look alike!). Scroll to the bottom of this page to see new ideas I have in the works and currently available themed backdrops. While I will always try and create your dream photo session, some sets will require an additional set fee due to costs (we will discuss this beforehand). Creativity is always encouraged!

The Process

sophie giraffe cake smash baby girl pink gold balloon garlandStart by searching Google and Pinterest for ideas OR find an adorable outfit first, and work from there. If you have a favorite color that can be a jumping off point. Decide if you like more simple, natural/organic looks, or more heavily themed. Soft pastels or saturated colors. Funny or classic. There is NO wrong choice, I have not had a single set yet that was not adorable. It helps if you can find sample images that speak to your style so I know I am creating a look you will love. See a larger gallery of images here.

Things to Notice

Backdrops are typically solid/paper, brown or white wood or a custom painted or photographed backdrop.  Paper backdrops are not ideal for bath sessions as they show water spots. Notice if you prefer one look more than another. Find specific parts of each sample image that you like so I have a better idea of your pumpkin lil cake smash bubble bath girl

Twin sessions are best on larger sets which are often paper rolls. I find that twin sets are best less decorated/themed; managing two babies is challenging enough without keeping a complicated set together.

Most sets will include balloons, “poofs”, lanterns, etc. as filler and to hide parts of the set that need disguising. If you prefer a simple set we can do without. If you have props that you would like to use I will ask that you bring them in advance, set up often takes hours and I want it ready as soon as you arrive for the shoot. Most sets do not include too many props (Fiesta Below being the exception!) because babies will often dismantle a set in seconds, the quicker the rebuild the better.

Floral Themes

Floral or boho sets are by far the most popular look for little girls and I never make two sets the same. Some samples below give you an idea of possibilities/color schemes – if one overall style appeals to you (or bits and pieces from several) let me know. This is just a sample, browse the full gallery and let me know what jumps out at you.

New Set ideas

This is my favorite part, set designing! I am always coming up with ideas, collecting props and purchasing backdrops for new looks. These sets will be more heavily themed, many prefer more simple, “baby focused” sets. I will build those myself.

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