Cake Smash Bucket List 2023

See the 2024 bucket list here!

I have created a Bucket List of Cake Smash themes and it includes a discount for you! Every year I stock up on new designs that I am itching to use, but for some it’s hard to picture a set without sample images. This new program will allow one session per design to be purchased at a discounted rate – these are first come, first serve so once a design has been selected it will no longer be eligible. (I try to remove sets as they are used but check in to make sure the one you have set your sights on is available) These are sets I have planned because I know they will be adorable, don’t delay!

Cake Smash Bucket List


Choose an available theme and you session fee is discounted to $385.
One session per theme, first come first serve.
Sessions may be reserved up to three months in advance as availability allows.
$100 deposit required.
Clothing/cake style recommendations will be made.
Photos may be shared on my website/social media.

Sample images are below but keep in mind these are unstyled backdrops. I often add to the sets to create a custom look. I am happy to help you shop for clothing and cake choices (if using cake), if using your own selections I would love to see them in advance to ensure they match the set. If the set you like has been marked off the list you can still book at normal cake smash rates.

I am so excited to help spur some creative juices and shoot some fun, new set designs!

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