Senior Portrait Last Minute Checklist

The big day is almost here! Make sure to go over this checklist a week before your shoot so you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute. Planning head is the easiest way to ensure a smooth and stress fee senior photo shoot!

Prepping in advance:

  • Fill out the pre-session questionnaire asap.
  • Visit the location you have selected if you have a chance.
  • Schedule your makeup appointment.
  • Hydrate and get plenty of rest the night before.
  • Try on your outfits to ensure they fit correctly and you like how they look. Have someone snap some photos of you in the outfits because sometimes that store mirror lies!
  • Make notes about any poses you want to make sure to include or create a Pinterest board
  • Hair appointments a week before.
  • Nail appointment a day or two before (nails must be neat, this goes for guys too). Neutral nails look best.
  • Guys, freshly shaved unless you normally wear facial hair.

What to wear? By now outfits should have been chosen but here are a few reminders:

  • Ladies, bring a statement dress or a dress with movement, a two piece set, jeans and a top with cute sneakers, something over the top – this is your change to have some fun. Bring along a jacket for variety. Avoid clunky, dark sandals that can weight you down, neutral sandals works best.
  • Guys, jeans or pants photograph better than shorts (unless of course shorts are your style!). Polo shirts or button ups with sleeves rolled look great. Bring along a jacket for variety.
  • Bring undergarments and clean shoes for each look.
  • Clothes come ironed, on a hanger.
  • Make sure to wear outfits that make you feel and look amazing but most of all comfortable. You want to be able to move around and not worry that your clothing won’t move with you. Too short and too tight do not translate well in photos, especially sitting.
  • Try to avoid shirts with logos or big pictures. Crazy patterns that draw the eye away from you. Bright white clothing that can wash you out.
  • Make sure clothing is free of wrinkles, stains, rips or holes (unless is it supposed to!).

What to bring along:

  • Clothing on hangers, accessories organized.
  • WATER. You will want water, trust me. Bring water and then some extra water.
  • Makeup for touch ups. A brush.
  • If it’s summer this portable fan will be your new best friend. Seriously, I use mine all the time. A plastic bag with ice in on the back of your neck can keep you cooled down between shots.
  • Snacks. No, I’m not kidding. Being a model makes you hungry.
  • Mom or a friend that you feel comfortable in front of that can help you schlep your stuff and make sure your hair is just right!

Props – a must! They look great in photos, give you something to do with your hands and add interest.

  • Hobbies: bikes, books, art supplies, skateboard
  • Musical Instrument
  • Sports Equipment: Baseball glove, soccer ball, dance shoes, pom pom, jersey
  • Style Props: hats, sunglasses, jackets, umbrella
  • Flowers (wildflowers or flexible flowers work best)
  • Your favs: candy, drink, coffee, car, snack
  • College Gear
  • Pets

Be prepared to relax and have fun! Pro tip: Don’t be nervous. I’ve been photographing all kinds of seniors for years (sooooo manyyyyy yearssss), so I know what angles and poses will make you look your best. I will walk you through posing every step of the way. Take it from someone who is NOT a natural in front of the camera, the right photographer makes all the difference!

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