Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Smash

Cookies in the studio today! When your nickname is “cookie” it seems like your cake smash theme is a given – skip the cake and go for it it with chocolate chip cookies!

I love how beautifully blue backgrounds photograph, and how flattering it is to skin tones. It’s also easy to match with outfits so it was a natural choice for the set.

Mom debated a cookie themed cake but in the end we went with cookies for the sweet treat – lots and lots of cookies! We had jars and jars of chocolate chip cookies both as props and to be eaten. We also included some faux milk for a milk and cookies effect.

We ended up with a milk bath but not any milk bath – a milk and cookies bath! We used Cookie Crisp Cereal in the bath but it turns out he was not a fan of food floating in his tub, we quickly scooped it out to ensure a happy, smiley baby.

This adorable theme could easily be adjusted for a Cookie Monster theme, sugar cookie theme or even a gingerbread cookie theme at Christmas. I love themed featuring other foods than cake!

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