Peter Pan Cake Smash, How to Style

Peter Pan is a classic story and a popular cake smash theme but it can be styles many different ways. We debated a simple white version or a nighttime sky but in the end Mom wanted a more organic, natural look bringing in greenery and I am so thrilled with how it turned out!

The touches of gold along with the plants give it a sophisticated look that’s a little different from most other sets I have seen.

You have so many outfit options for this set; if your little one doesn’t mind being changed you could go with a more traditional outfit to start, and move to a more simple outfit for the messy parts. I recommend Amazon or other inexpensive clothing for these shoots unless you have something heirloom in mind, there is no reason to spend alot on a one time wear look. Below are some outfit ideas for a Peter Pan cake smash theme:

The cake was just perfect! It was made by Bestow Baked Goods. See recommendations for Raleigh area bakers on this page. A 4″ three tiered cake is adorable with little ones.

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