What Outfit to Wear for Cake Smash Sessions

Choose the perfect outfit for your cake smash session.

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society. -Mark Twain Alright well, now that I think about it that may not be true for baby cake smash photo sessions. While the clothes are important, sometimes naked is just as cute!

With just about any type of photo shoot, choosing what to wear is the most stressful part of the process. And yes the clothes are important and you want something that fits well, colors that accentuate your baby’s eyes, skin tone and hair you really can get away with inexpensive clothing for these shoots. Remember that the cake and icing can ruin clothing especially if it’s tulle or icing with a colored dye. If you do purchase clothing you hope to wear again, plan to use a faux cake or use for the pre-cake portion of the shoot.

Choose 1-2 Outfits For Your Shoot

I know the temptation is there to get the most out of your session and put 12 different outfits on your baby. I am here to tell you that…that won’t go well. You are working on a tight timeline with little ones, after 30-45 minutes they start to implode and every outfit change eats into that happy time. I always prefer barefoot for babies. A few reasons; baby toes are cute, babies do not LIKE shoes, when babies sit you only see the soles of the shoes, and baby toes are cute.

What to wear for a cake smash session

If you’re choosing white for one look, go with color for the other

White can look gorgeous, but can also wash fair skinned babies out. Give yourself options so you have variety from the shoot. The above dress is a cake smash classic – that pink tulle dress looks great on every baby I have see it on. Below are all girl’s cake smash outfits purchases from Amazon that have worked well for photoshoots. For girls, choose rompers or short dresses so they can’t move around.

Boys outfits can be a little harder

It’s true, girls clothing provides alot more variety. Boys outfits tend to be something more casual for the pre-cake part of the shoot, and then suspenders and a diaper cover for the smashing. Below are boys outfits I have used for cake smash shoots. Choose denim, a bathing suit for a beach theme, knits can add a little dimension.

Let the Outfit Choose Your Theme

I absolutely love when a costume makes it’s way into a shoot. These work best for the pre-cake pat of the session, and I would recommend a traditional look for your second outfit so you get more variety from the shoot. If you session is in the fall this can double as their Halloween outfit but how absolutely cute are these options!

Best Places to Shop for your Cake Smash Outfit

Look, the honest truth is I mostly recommend Amazon, Target or Carters (for simple basics) for you cake smash clothing. These aren’t often meant to be heirloom pieces, but one time wear. If you are looking for something a little more special try Etsy, Jamie Kay, Baby Beau and Belle or Trish Scully.

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