Mobile Headshot Studio at your Office

Our mobile studio can come to you at your next team meeting, conference or your workplace to make the process of photographing your entire team as seamless as possible.

We show up to your location an hour before we begin shooting and build a complete mobile studio set up with one of our portable backdrops (typically black, light or dark gray, white or blue but other options are available) or use your office space as the background (when possible, we will tell you the pros/cons of your space). Stick us in a conference room or unused office and we can move through your team faster than you can imagine – typically no more than 5 minutes per person. After the last person is done we break down, clean up and you have cohesive images for your website without missing a beat!

We met 360 Cloud Solutions at their Brier Creek office during a team meeting when the entire staff would be in Raleigh for the day. We chose blue to coordinate with their branding and had a makeup artist on hand to get the entire team “photo ready” after their lunch break. Photos are ready in a week or so with light retouching and your website has never looked better!

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