Unicorn Pastel Rainbow Cake Smash

Unicorns and rainbows (and cake!) make this sweet girl smile!

The unicorn theme can be done many different ways and we went for a bit nontraditional with a watercolor rainbow backdrop, adding in soft florals in pinks and purples. We chose a backdrop based off of her first outfit, this rainbow tutu and unicorn top.

She was a little nervous when we started the shoot, and that is pretty common for 2022. Pandemic babies are different! They often haven’t met as many new people as babies in the past, they aren’t as comfortable in new places out of mom’s arms so it’s a good idea to practice all of these things when you know you have a cake smash photoshoot coming up.

She then moved to a solid pink outfit for the cake portion of the shoot so the colors did not compete and let me tell you, this girl came alive when the cake came out!

She loved to play with it, she loved to eat it and she loved the attention she received from mom and dad for her cake performance. I usually warn mom and dad to expect their baby to love cake as much they hope, most don’t, but she was an exception! See more cake smash sample images on this page and let us know if we can help you design your perfect set!

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