Covid Babies and Christmas Cake Smash

Covid babies are living a different life than babies before. A big red truck, Christmas trees, cake – what’s not to love? Well, a new place, a new person and a new experience is scary!

I promise he did have fun – with a little drama mixed in ๐Ÿ™‚ Babies born after 2020 aren’t always a a fan of new people and places so it takes a little more work to get them settled into the set. I recommend parents doing a “new people bootcamp” in the weeks leading up to their session. Not only will they be out of their home and in a new place with someone they haven’t met, they will be (ideally!) sitting on the set several feet away from mom and dad. If you have taken your baby on outings, but they all happen while in your arms, this isn’t really preparing them for the shoot. If you set your baby down and walk away (outside of the home), how do they react? If a new person talks to them, do they cry? Covid babies are different and we don’t want to traumatize them so preparation is key!

He did come around and most babies do. It often taken patience and coaxing but I have worked with children for many years and have tricks up my sleeves. But parents, do some prepared to be in some photos if your little one just can’t be out of your arms.

The bath is (almost always) a hit when all else has failed. He loved his “cookies and milk bath” – even when it got pretty darn sticky by the end! Cookie Crisp Cereal in the tub created an adorable look and he was happy to chow down on the goodies.

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