70th Anniversary and 90th Birthdays!

When your grandparents celebrate their 70th anniversary AND their 90th birthdays back to back you plan a celebration!

I was able to visit them on an unseasonably warm December afternoon at their Raleigh condo in Whispering Pines Retirement living. They were dressed to the nines in coordinating outfits, I was absolutely impressed!

We were a little last in the season for fall color in North Carolina (we usually peak by mid November) but I was able to walk the grounds and find an area that gave us a little sunset color in the background.

I am guessing they have no had photos taken of themselves in years, and they were a little nervous at first but were soon telling me the story of how they met and how they ended up in Raleigh. Not being a wedding or engagement photographer I mostly work with kids or professional adults for headshots. It was so nice to get out of my comfort zone and meet this lovely couple to capture a truly precious memory for their family.

It was an absolute honor to be a part of this platinum anniversary, cheers to many, many more!

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