Camping Cake Smash with a Maple Pancake Cake!

This camping themed cake smash photoshoot has to be one of my favorite boy themes to date!

Boy themes can be a little tricky – it’s harder to come up with looks that photograph well, are creative and fun and offer lots of clothing options. This little man’s family moved to Raleigh for a job with John Deere so that made the smashing outfit an easy choice, a pair of John Deere overalls.

Some extra props from Hobby Lobby added to this pre-printed camping backdrop complete with tent and adorable fabric campfire. Mom and dad found the longleaf pine cones in the woods, a perfect addition. But nothing compares to the absolutely precious pancake cake:

Words can not do it justice, it was maple flavored and smelled amazing in addition to being just the cutest thing ever. And he was a fan, boy was he a fan! He went face first into the cake and kept going until Mom decided he had had enough!

Most babies do NOT love the cake as much as this birthday boy so it’s always a treat to watch them dive in. One thing to note about the cake is that it had actually been frozen and thawed for this shoot; his birthday was actually several weeks before but he was sick on that day so we rescheduled. Thanksgiving pushed us back but you would never know it by looking at that flapjack masterpiece. Sometimes things don’t go as planned but that is ok, it will all turn out great in the end!

Cake Smash and SPLASH!

Of course a bath was needed after that cake party so and he loved that part as well, although he was wiped out by the end. I can always guarantee a great nap after these cake smash photo shoots!

It was great celebrating your first birthday with you big guy, I hope to see you again soon!

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