Editorial Photos for Cure Magazine

Cure Magazine is a national magazine for patients with cancer, survivors and their caregivers. I have had the opportunity to work with them several times when they feature Raleigh locals in their articles. For this shoot I went to the Wake Forest home of Mark and Maryanne Cantrell.

The Cantrells were featured in a Cure article titled, ‘Love Lost: The Effects of Cancer on Marriage and Relationships‘. The article discusses the toll that a cancer diagnosis has on a couple, both the patient and the caregiver. Maryanne was diagnoses with Hodgkin lymphoma just a year after they were married.

Editorial shoots are very different from the bulk of my portrait, headshot or branding sessions. The project is commissioned by Cure, with a specific set of guidelines, styles and needed images. Both the photographer and the clients are working toward the goal of providing the magazine what the need (which is often very different than personal or professional use).

The Cantrells have a large, beautiful, wooded yard where we shot these images on a very muggy fall day. They were so patient and willing to do everything we needed, and I loved hearing more about their journey throughout the shoot. It’s not always easy to be photographed in candid, vulnerable ways but their story needed just that. A sensitive subject and sensitive photos. Projects like this get me out of my comfort zone and thinking a little differently with my work so I enjoy the opportunity. Most of my work is with local publications so it’s a treat to shoot for something on a national scale. I look forward to working with them again in the future to stretch my creativity legs!

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