Triplets Girl Boy Girl Cake Smash on the Farm

Triplets! I have many multiples come through my Raleigh studio but not often THREE babies at once!

When you have boy/girl twins or multiples it can be tricky to come up with a theme that works well and allows great outfit options for both the boys and girls. Mom came up with the farm theme and it’s really a perfect match. The small hay bales can be hard to find in none fall months so buy them in advance and store if you want to build this set in other times of the year. Be warned, it’s a big, huge mess! The red gingham outfits were adorable in photos and tied the whole set together.

I love the black and white of the cow prints with red accents but I brought in the sunflowers to add a little more color and a bit of pink (pig pink) to soften the overall color scheme and make it both masculine and feminine. Mom wanted two looks, dressy and farm casual but let me tell you – 6 outfits in 45 minutes with three mobile babies was a challenge! If your little one is not a fan of outfit changes keep that in mind when planning for your shoot.

This is the farm banner we used, along with cow print balloons, handkerchiefs and farm animal props props. I do recommend going without cake for triplet (or more!) sessions, just because the chaos that ensues can be hard to manage. At least one WILL be crying, one will be running and one will be eating. We skipped the bath since my tubs will not hold three – I am sure Mom needed a margarita after this farm party!

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