Some Bunny is one!

Some Bunny turned one and celebrated with a sweet bunny themed cake smash in our Raleigh photo studio! Links below for many of the props we used, the bunny candle is located here.

When your nickname is Bunny the theme idea for your birthday shoot goes without saying, a sweet and simple bunny set pulling colors from the Guess How Much I Love You Book. Mom brought in this knit bunny outfit for the first look. The cute little fence was a hit and added depth to the set.

I had purchased a customized banner but it was lost in shipping so this Some Bunny banner was a last minute purchase and it looked great. The tissue poofs and balloons in various spring colors finished the set along with some ceramic bunnies found locally.

We finished the cake smash with cake splash to end with a clean and tidy baby!

The bath portion of the shoot is optional but it can come in handy with the particularly messy cake smashes and most baby love water time. If your little one does not like the bath at home they are not likely to like it any more in the studio so don’t push it if you expect tears!

If you have a water baby then by all means, let them splash! It often help them to be calm and ready to sleep by the time you leave and gives you some great splashing images.

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