Covid-19 Studio Safety Guidelines

2022 Update:

We continue to try and navigate these crazy times as a small business. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, as well as my make up artists and assistants. The last year has been challenging in so many ways, not the least of which is providing great results for clients from behind a mask. It’s very difficult to get babies relaxed at all, much less smiling when my face is covered. For headshots, I often show clients how to smile and pose – again difficult to do when my face is covered. Keeping distance is not difficult to do, it’s rare that I am close to my clients when shooting.

Now that home testing is more readily available, my current plan is to test for CV19 regularly throughout the week. Clients do not need to wear masks in the studio, and if you prefer I wear a mask for your session please request so and I will do my absolute best to provide great results (and I promise I am smiling at you in there!).

Covid-19 Studio Safety Precautions

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