We are closed (for now) – NC Stay at Home Order in Place

To comply with Governor Cooper’s North Carolina State Stay at Home order we are unable to provide any photography services at this time. Trust me, we are as sad as you are.

This includes in studio and outdoor sessions (even from a safe distance). The order states that all non-essential businesses must cease through April 30, 2020 and to continue to operate could not only jeopardize our business license but all involved could face Class 2 misdemeanor charges. View the NC Stay at Home order here.

It sucks. This is peak portrait season, the weather is perfect and it’s painful to watch these beautiful days unable to do my job even knowing it is the right thing to do. I know plenty of “photographers” (and I use the term loosely) are continuing to offer “social distancing” headshot specials and porch sessions but the bottom line is that right now it is illegal and frankly – pretty crappy. I stand with all other business owners across the country that are doing the right thing and following the law even though it means some really harsh financial realities.

I do hope you will wait for us!

As of now the order is lifted on May 1, 2020. I hope and pray we are able to resume some sort of business at that time, even if it isn’t business as usual. My calendar will be open soon when we have a better idea of what to plan for. In the meantime I am active on Instagram and Facebook and would love, love, LOVE to hear from you. I am also sharing community information, supporting other small businesses and frankly – trying to pass the time in healthier ways than Doritos and Chardonnay (have you tried on a pair of jean recently? It’s shocking…). The last few days have been spent with some grieving, some fear, some scrambling. I know we are all struggling in some way right now, and I want to get through it with you.

Facebook <—Will post any offers/print sales

Instagram <— Will mostly post pictures of my new puppy

I miss your smiling faces, I miss all the laughter we have and I miss having an income 🙂 Please stay safe, love your friends and family from afar and please support any small businesses you can right now. Get take out, place an online order or leave a review. To say these are scary times is an understatement. It’s s sad to think about what our lovely cities would look like without the small businesses that we love.

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