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Should you hire a Makeup Artist for your professional headshots?

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It’s not your wedding and you aren’t trying out for America’s Next Top Model (is that still a thing?) so do you, the banker/realtor/software engineer/entrepreneur/insert occupation here really need a professional makeup artist for your headshot photo session? The short answer: YES! I  recommend professional makeup for anyone coming in for headshots, this includes men and women. A headshot should look like you. A really great, well rested, properly hydrated, contoured version of you. A great makeup artist (meet Michelle!) knows how to do just this; we aren’t going glam or trying to change your look but enhance your features and make you feel your absolute best. Michelle Clark is one of my favs (and I have plenty of photos of her since she is my test model on location whether she likes it or not) and she can explain better than me why you, yes YOU, need professional makeup for your best headshot ever:

They’re headshots for a job, not a modeling shoot, why do I need a Hair and Makeup Artist?

It is fairly clear these days that professional headshots make a difference in how companies and potential clients see you – if you aren’t sold on their importance please see Colin’s guest blog post. There are a few things to consider when getting these headshots like choosing your photographer, you wardrobe, and location. One thing that you may have not considered is if you want hair and makeup styling. No one ever hires a photographer with the intentions of looking just ok so why not go the extra step that makes a huge difference! Here are a few reasons why it might benefit your, or your company, to hire a makeup artist:

professional image headshot durham duke campus north carolinaFor the individual:

You know when you walk out the salon and your hair just looks great? That’s the same feeling that you can have when you get out of my chair except it’s not just your hair, it’s makeup too! I listen to my client’s and even ask to see their last headshot or another photo because it’s very important to look like yourself in your headshots. This is usually the first time that your clients are seeing you and you’re going to need them to recognize you. If you know you look good and feel confident, that will come across in the photos and you will be so much happier when you get those proofs back!

For the group:

Every office has at least one gal who wears no makeup, too much makeup, or maybe is juusssst a bit of a hot mess. You are investing a lot into hiring a professional photographer and someone to update your website and sometimes even a marketing firm to appeal to more clients but what if the people in the photos aren’t so appealing? While very few people in this world have hit supermodel status, there is so much that a hair and makeup artist can do for your team and how your business is portrayed. Smoothing out and fixing flyaway hairs, blending makeup to have a more cohesive look, mattifying, and some enhancing of features is what I do when I’m brought in for makeup touchups. Even 5-10 minutes per person to make them “camera ready” makes a tremendous difference and saves time/money overall in the retouching or possible reshoots (eeek!).

Burley Mitchell unc judge lawyer supreme court chief justice northstate bank headshotBut I’m a dude!

Yeah Bro, you can totally have makeup too! For my male clients I generally do a little skin prep, use products that make the skin matte, a little concealer or foundation if it’s necessary to combat some redness or a blemish, and then a matte lip balm. The whole idea is to not be able to tell that you are wearing makeup at all – seriously, most fellas keep it on because it’s not noticeable. It’s just that when those studio lights are on you, things tend to glow and any skin pretty much becomes reflective. While sitting in the makeup chair might not be the highlight of your day, becoming ‘camera ready’ makes a difference in those photos and my chair is at least comfortable. Also, if you and Mr. Clean are competing for the title of who looks better bald, just know that while I’m putting makeup on top of your head and it seems like I’m drawing attention to your baldness I am, in fact, doing the opposite. 😉

karen michelle clark raleigh durham wedding makeup artist headshotsAbout Michelle

I am located in Raleigh but can be anywhere that I am needed! I love working with women (and men) of all ages as well as teaching them new ways to apply makeup, you can usually find me giving away all sorts of tips while I’ve got you in my chair. I genuinely love what I do and cannot wait to help you look your absolute best for your shoot!

Michelle Clark is a makeup artist and licensed esthetician located in Raleigh but loves to travel anywhere! She loves working with branding clients and commercial clients as well as brides and really anything that you might need makeup for!  For more details visit Michelle’s website at, or find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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