Pink and Gold First Birthday Cake Smash

Pink and gold and lots of smiles – that sums up this first birthday girl!

How does the world’s happiest baby celebrate her big O-N-E? With pink balloons, gold sprinkles, cake and A BUBBLE BATH in the studio – that’s how! For more details on Cake Smash Sessions, visit this page: Raleigh Durham Cake Smash First Birthday Sessions

So, there’s a bit of a behind the scenes secret when it comes to cake smash photos. The truth is most babies don’t love cake. In fact, most…really kind of hate it so many of the photos you see are “encouraged” by Mom and Dad. Well not with this gorgeous girl – she laughed, smiles, giggled and ate all the cake she could. This girl knows how to party, and it shows!

Because so many babies don’t love the idea of sticky icing on their hands (and arms, and toes, and faces, and…) we recently introduced the Bubble Bath option; we finish up the session with a warm bath, lots of splashing and bubble blowing. Guaranteed smiles and a squeaky clean baby when we are all wrapped with the shoot!

Of course she was already all smiles even before we brought out the tub but she could barely contain herself after. Such a fun addition and great way to wrap but their on camera birthday party!

Not every photo trend that comes along is one I choose to get behind…in fact most we would like to forget a few years later…but I can’t get enough of these cake smash sessions. First birthdays are such a huge milestone; the newborn days are over, toddler years coming in fast. Little personalities are forming and it couldn’t be sweeter!

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Thank you for sharing your big day with me and I look forward to many smiling photos in the years to come!

See her pink and gold themed birthday set before the madness with her cake made by Mom!

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