Composite Headshots and Digital Options

Composite headshots make bad weather reschedules a thing of the past.

You may not have noticed but Raleigh broke some records last year for all of the wrong reasons. More rainy, wet and gray days than ever before and trust me as someone who works outside regularly, it was quite a bummer! Some sessions can wait for a sunny day but what if you have executives in town for only that one day? What if you want the look of a gorgeous office space but you work in a cluttered cubicle or the look of a downtown street without the humidity wreaking havoc on your hair? Shooting in our Raleigh studio and editing the background after is a cost effective and easy way to create the look you want.


Composite images can be taken in studio on simple backgrounds that work well on their own; or you can take things up a notch in post processing. Professional headshot and composite photos are a great way to maintain a consistent brand for your company, group or team. New team members added at a later time will maintain the same lighting and perspective ensuring a uniform brand wherever your photos are displayed. We can even take a background photo of a location you have in mind for a custom look whatever the season or weather.

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