Shrimp and Grits Kids Guest Blogger, Gigi Smith

Shrimp and Grits may make me think of summer and the beach but it was on one of the coldest photo shoot days we had last fall (so, so cold, and windy…did I mentioned cold and windy??) that I met these sweet kids and their Mom for their Raleigh portrait session. The first thing I noticed (other than the frozen kids 🙂 was their outfits – completely, sweetly, perfectly southern Christmas dresses. The kinds you don’t see nearly as much these days. I didn’t know until later that Gigi is a Raleigh sales rep for Shrimp and Grits Kids, an adorable line of classic and timeless children’s clothing based in Charleston, SC. Since clients are always looking for sources for photo session outfits, she seemed like the perfect fit for today’s guest blogger.

So … meet Gigi!

I Buy What I Sell – Shrimp and Grits Kids:

shrimp and grits kids Gigi Smith RaleighI have to start by being honest with you all… I have a problem (according to my husband) with children’s clothing.  If you ask me, it is really a passion of mine (not a problem), one of many!  We have 3 precious children, that I love to dress and coordinate. This can be an expensive endeavor, or, I should say, a VERY expensive endeavor. Enter Shrimp and Grits Kids

Shrimp and Grits Kids is an affordable line of children’s clothing that was created by a Mom, that wanted to dress her children well, but, wasn’t able to spend a fortune doing it.  The company is based in Charleston, SC and was started in 2007.  When my 1st child was born, I made a point to visit their only store, annually, when we were in Charleston.  I LOVED everything I bought.  The designs were adorable, ranging from classic smocks to fun whimsical prints.  Do you want to know the best part?  They were wearable… by this, I mean, you could WEAR them, wash them and they lasted. They held their shape, color, sizing, etc…

When our 2nd child was born, things became a little more challenging (read “expensive”), I wanted the girls to match!  This meant that, instead of 1 dress/bubble, I needed (ok, WANTED) 2!  Shrimp and Grits Kids delivered… and the rest is history and, hopefully, the future, for years to come.  I became a Sales Rep, for the company, in the summer of 2016.  I wanted to share the brand, that I love so much!  It is a Trunk based business, sold by Sales Reps in different areas across the country, it cannot be found in boutiques.

We, now, have 3 children and I sell Shrimp and Grits Kids clothing for all 4 seasons, working from home or from other host/hostess locations around the Triangle.  Let’s just say that I buy what I sell 🙂

Important Information for Upcoming Seasons:

  • Spring 2018 is now launched!
  • Triangle Trunk Shows will take place from January 10th-January 23rd
  • Shows or hosts/hostesses are lined up, currently, in Raleigh, Fuquay Varina and Four Oaks, North Carolina
  • Accepting hosts/hostesses for Spring (dates still available) and Summer (dates TBD) seasons
  • Click to view the catalog online

Contact Gigi Smith:

To become a host/hostess, get a catalog (hard copy), to order (free shipping for orders over 25$), or for questions (sizing, sibling matches, etc) Gigi can be reached by phone (704) 756-8334 or her email, georgea.greaves@yahoo.com and follow her on Facebook to stay in the loop on upcoming promotions.

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