Merry Elfin’ Christmas from the Moore Elf on the Shelf!

If you ever needed any elfin’ proof that my family is nuts, well here it is…

Merry Elfin Christmas and a Happy New year!

From Jamie and Season Moore and Family (dog and cat included) and everyone else at Season Moore Photography!

elf on the shelf themed Christmas Card merry elfin

It’s a tradition for our family to put together a goofy holiday card but this year took the cake – Elf on the Shelf themed (even though my kids were born after the elf craze took on) we all donned red jammies and got into a little mischief. The holidays are a nutty season in the photography world (and now add to it two teenagers with busy schedules of their own) so making the time to plan, prepare for, get into a costume and actually shoot a holiday card gets a little harder every year. We had about an hour to pull this off from start to finish, and believe it or not we are sharing elf outfits so that included a quick change in between photos. And yes the dog really IS on the cabinet (I get asked that alot!) but my husband is standing below her in the unedited version. Of course Ruby the Goldendoodle is so well behaved she really would just sit there all day if we told her too – especially since she got a few nibbles of my daughter’s elfin marshmallows. And my elf is holding a magnum bottle of Ultra Brut Sparkling Wine from Domaine Carneros, our favorite Napa winery. That bad boy was popped to celebrate surviving another year as a Raleigh photographer – now embarking on my 14th year! If you wanted a closer look at the image, here you go. It should be enjoyed in all of it’s red tight glory 🙂 I was not kidding when I said that we are taking suggestions for next year’s card theme, comment below!

season moore photography elf shelf christmas card elfin themed costume


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