Don’t fret, there is still time for fall Photo Sessions!

Ahhh fall. The time has changed, the leaves are turning, the mornings are crisp and we face that ongoing debate of just how soon is TOO soon for Christmas decorations. But that time has come – we are down to the wire for fall photo sessions, especially if an outdoor look is what you’re going for. But no need to cry Raleigh, a handful of dates still remain and I will always do my best to see every single smiling face I can this beautiful time of year! Shortcut to the availability calendar here: – read on for some scheduling tips.

toddler crying fall photo session raleigh

Scheduling Fall Photos

Dates are limited this time of year, with only a handful remaining (and weekends booked out) so plan for a weekday session time. I know weekdays can be hard to manage with work and school but consider it a blessing in disguise; weekends this time of year are complete madness at local parks and gardens. There are some days where we can literally wait in line for a space to work in and this creates a very stressful situation for little ones (and dads. and photographers.).

Mornings are my preference for family sessions with little ones, and even bigger kids have more energy before school than they do after a long time of math and science. Start time is up to you; we can work earlier so less of your work day is missed as long as temperatures allow. Of course nap time always reigns supreme! The days are shorter now so “evening” sessions are really afternoon sessions; with a 5:00 sun set time you don’t have much wiggle room so plan to start full sessions by 3:00.

So many locations look great this time of year you can accommodate just about any setting. Let me know the look you’re going for, outfit choices and color schemes and we can come up with a plan. Most sessions take place in Raleigh, Durham, and Wake Forest but neighboring towns are an option as well. The above photos were at their gorgeous yard – talk about amazing light!

One more day of mini sessions were added on November 16th and Christmas PJ minis are coming soon, I hope I can see you this holiday season!


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