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professional durham headshot Colin Romoda guest blogWhat is guest blogging you ask? Being a NC headshot photographer (and business owner myself) I have the opportunity to work and collaborate with many local small businesses. I have owned this company a for a long time now and fully understand the challenges that come along with a very saturated market in a digital world. It’s harder and harder to get noticed in all the “noise” of day to day life, especially on your own. I have long been a supporter of my client’s businesses and promote them when possible but I have been searching for a more tangible way to do this.

Introducing Guest blogger Posts!

Guest blogging seemed to be the perfect fit; my amazing clients can share their knowledge, website links, social media accounts and boost their SEO and I can share their photos in one cohesive way. I work with such a variety of professionals, I look forward to what they will have to say. Past clients (portrait sessions or professional images), reach out if you would like to be on the blog – I would love to share your business! I hope to cover a variety of topics from hair and make up, to travel, to parenting and more. The articles don’t need to be long and they don’t even have to be about your career – just a topic that you think readers would find interesting. Have fun with it!

durham professional branding photographerSo, someone had to be the guinea pig … Meet Colin Romoda! Colin is a Raleigh-Durham, NC based content writer (and Season Moore Photography client). Colin has a wide range of interests, from health and fitness to music tour management, that help enhance his writing and allow him to meet independent needs.  Whether seeking to rank higher in online search engines, increase traffic to your website or sell more publications, great written content will set you apart from the competition.  To view Colin’s full bio and writing portfolio visit and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Your can read his complete blog post and see more images from his branding session on my Portraits for Professionals website blog. Here’s a little sneak peek:

4 Reasons Why Every Raleigh Businessperson Needs a Professional Headshot

In today’s society, everyone and everything is online.  Even with no intention, a simple Google search can populate troves of personal information and images.  As a business professional, it is imperative to place controls on what information and images can be found and in doing so protecting yourself and your business.  A simple first step – self-publish a professional headshot and market it as the first image anyone will discover – set it as the profile image on your personal and business accounts, including websites, blogs and social media.  North Carolina is home to a booming Capital city, an incubator for entrepreneurs and veterans alike, establish your mark with a professional Raleigh headshot.

An Investment in Yourself and in Your Business… Click to read the article here!


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