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A big time before and after!

I have been planning to share this before and after post since we had our session in July but just life kept getting away from me. Finally, here they are – 2006/2007 to 2017 before and after, from babyhood to middle school all in one post! This gorgeous girl (and hello, her gorgeous MOM!) was one of my first clients way back in 2006. So much has changed since then, for all of us, and having the opportunity to watch her go from baby to pre-teen in the blink of an eye is just so precious. If there was ever a reminder of why we have portraits made, why we take the time out of a busy schedule and make the investment – THIS IS IT! Trust me mom’s of babies, you will never ever believe how fast you will be dropping your middle schooler off on the first day, or watching your son get behind the wheel of the car, or buying a cap and gown… Ok, enough with the sappy stuff, onto the photos!

mom and daughter before after

baby and teenager before after

6th grade girl portrait

baby to teen portrait

toddler and teen before after

I hope to do more of these before and after posts. There are so many families that I have the pleasure of seeing every year and it is such an honor. Really they feel like family to ME! Raleigh parents, don’t put off family photos. It is an investment you will never, ever regret. You should be as happy with the quality of your photos 10 years later as you were on the day you received them. Soon these babies will be leaving the nest! *queue the tears*


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