Studio Backdrop Samples

On my to do list for a while is a comprehensive list of available studio backdrop options at my Raleigh Photography Studio. Things never stay the same for long and I am constantly adding colors and textures but this will give you an idea of the backgrounds available in studio. For adult headshots and corporate photos the neutral gray family tends to be the most popular. The textures tend to be used more for babies, toddlers and kids. Look for a sample gallery of studio shots soon so so you can get an idea of all that can be accomplished there. If you are coming in for a studio session feel free to request the backdrop color and look that you love!

savage mocha seamless paperSavage Bone Seamless PaperSavage Blue Mist Seamless PaperLemondrop Shop Old Oak BackdropMedium Gray BackdropLight Gray Backdrop WallLemondrop Shop Hazelnut Wood BackdropLemondrop Shop Gypsy Wood BackdropLemondrop Shop Cream Wood BackdropLemondrop Shop Boutique Wood Backdropblack backdropLemondrop Shop White Brick BackdropSavage Thunder Gray Seamless PaperSavage Suede Gray Seamless Paper Backdrop

A little info for photographers looking for backdrop samples before ordering:

The seamless paper above is Savage or painted studio walls. The textured backdrops are Lemondrop Shop backgrounds. These were shot using natural light.


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