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Raleigh Cake Smash – 1 Year Old Baby

Kicked off the studio year with a smash – a cake smash! Couldn’t wait to see this little cutie again and was even more excited that my own daughter was out of school and available to assist at the shoot. We had an absolute.stinking.blast! Many babies are a little unsure of the whole cake thing, the texture might be weird, the taste a little too new; well not this girl. With no prompting at all she dove straight into her special treat and went to town. In the end she did more finger painting than actual eating, she even shared with mommy, rubbing it on her face. I’m pretty we had her good and sugared up for the right home, and perhaps a long, long afternoon 🙂 Happy birthday sweet girl!

Raleigh Photography First Birthday Cake Smash Photos

What is a cake smash photo session?

That first (and maybe only!) glorious moment your little one is allowed to dive head first into birthday cake, professionally captured! Cake smash sessions take place in the Raleigh Studio and are a ton of fun. Parents bring the cake and and props they want included (and I handle the mess) It may seem to spoil a bit of the excitement but it is a good idea to let your baby taste cake and icing beforehand, just to prepare for any food allergies. Bring a change of clothes for everyone, even if you don’t don’t plan on being in the photos. Trust me, you will need them!


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