Summer Photo Sessions & the Holiday Card Promotion!

I love summer time. I love sunkissed skin and hair, long flowy dresses but mostly I love relaxed parents with no school or kid activity schedules to stress about! (See below for details on Free Holiday Cards!)

Don’t be scared of summer sessions!

summer portrait sessionsIt is my absolute favorite time to shoot – even more than spring and fall. Why? Well, you may have noticed that our spring and fall seasons seem to be getting a little unpredictable. The fall colors come later and the spring flowers may just freeze off entirely. There may not be leaves on the trees or green…anywhere. And being completely honest, we ALL look our best in the summer months with a little sun glow and the joy of *NO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES* pumping through our veins!

If you normally schedule in the fall for your yearly session, change it up a bit. Yes, it’s hot in the summertime – but not at 8:30 or 9 when I prefer to shoot in the warmer months. And yes, you can use these photos for your holiday cards (see below). I’m talking to YOU parents of school aged kids – avoid the fall chaos!

*On to the good stuff – Half of your full summer session fee, or $75 will be credited back to you for your holiday cards, files or Digital Negatives! Sessions must take place June – August and you can order cards now, or wait and order later in the year. To use your credit first add the card, digital negative(s), or package of your choice to your cart with the rest of your print order. At check out enter the code:  ChristmasinJuly. If you have already placed an order and are ordering cards separately, the credit should already be applied to your account. Contact Season if you have any questions or problems with the ordering process.

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