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Raleigh Children’s Photographer | Little Man

*Winter session fees are half off and sessions are VERY limited – More information here!* I have had the pleasure of watching Evan grow up from just a tiny little thing and I know that we will always have some good laughs. This session was no different as I get a call that he has gotten sick ON THE WAY to the session. Literally on the way, in the car. They called me from a Whole Foods bathroom! But, being the pro mama that she is they powered on…clean shirt, a little wiping up and BAM – photo session. She gets major props!

Boy photo session at Mordecai House

Boy photo session at Mordecai House


  1. What a little trooper (well, all of you!) There is not indication he wasn’t feeling well. Lovely photographs as always. And of course I too love the one with mom.

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