Raleigh Baby Photographer | 6 Month Old Cuteness

*Winter session fees are half off! More information here!* I absolutely love the “new sitter” stage of 6 – 8 month old babies. They are just busting with happiness at that age (AND they can’t run from you!) and have really gotten control of their expressions. This little guy was no exception, just an absolute joy to photograph and his parents weren’t too bad either!

6 month old baby boy outside6 month old baby boy outside6 month old baby boy outside

Raleigh Photographer Season Moore’s Baby Sessions

Once you get past the oh so sweet newborn stage (which ends around 1 month to 6 weeks old) the next stage I recommend capturing in portraits is the sitting stage. Technically though, these sitters may not be quite SO new – I like them to be balancing well on their own so they don’t topple over while we are shooting so really I should call them “experienced sitters”.

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