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*Winter session fees are half off! More information here!*  A cold baby in downtown Durham with an exceptionally licky dog makes for very fun portraits! This day was so stinking cold that they had to start the car every few minutes to thaw the baby. Oh these cold North Carolina winters, us southerns are not cut out for it!

Downtown Baby DurhamDog licking baby

Winter baby photo sessions can be a little tricky to plan for with our weather being so unpredictable here in Raleigh.

I often tell clients if they have even the slightest flexibility in their schedule then we will opt for a flexible session date. I keep a wait list and as WRAL shows us a nice day in the forecast, we make plans to get outside! Usually I do recommend morning sessions for babies and children but that may prove to be too chilly this time of year – again, it’s all about flexibility. It may not be ideal to photograph toddlers and babies in the afternoon but if you’re trying capture a milestone before it’s too late we will make due with what the weather gives us. It’s rare that we go too long without¬† at least one nice warm day in North Carolina so the session will happen – it just may take a little longer than we planned!

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