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Durham Kid’s Portraits | Sisters at Duke Gardens

*Winter session fees are half off! More information here!* More sweet sisters on the blog!

kid's portraits in durham, ncKid's Portraits with baby in durham, ncbaby outside Durham

Kid’s photo sessions with a baby not quite yet sitting:

In general it’s always better to wait until a baby is fully able to sit solidly on his or her own before having your photo session but this is not always possible. Some babies are later sitters and parents don’t want to miss a phase, or in this case we had a deadline – Christmas! To work around this issue I brought several baskets along with us to Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina big enough for this baby to sit in and prop herself up. We also use mom and dad a good bit and even siblings to help support the littlest member of the family. So Mom and Dad, come dressed and prepared to be photographed! If the baby doesn’t mind tummy time, it can be a gray way to get unassisted shots of the baby on his or her own. Bring along a blanket or two just in case the natural surfaces are not suitable for a baby to lay on (although natural surfaces almost always look better in photos than a blanket – we love grass in outdoor sessions, or a stone pathway).

Kid’s photos sessions involving a baby sibling are very sweet!

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