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As mentioned in other parts of my site, I am not a “shoot-n-burn” photographer. This is a trend that has cropped up as many more folks throw their hat in the professional photography ring. The basic concept of a shoot-and-burner is that they take photos and hand over the files (sometimes with editing, sometimes without) and that is the end of the client experience. It’s a quicker process for the photographer (and there is a place for that out there) but offering high end, professionally prints products is very important to me. I totally understand the desire for files but I also know that they very often (very, very often…come on, admit it) stay on the disk for a long time. Possibly forever. And as technology changes this gets to be a riskier and riskier endeavor – we all know nothing lasts for ever in the digital world.

For this reason I began including a Session Box with digital collections last year. It includes a set of professionally printed 5x7s in an adorable box, made custom with the photo and wording of your choosing.

It has become our most popular item (even more so than albums!) and I have families collecting them from each session. The loose prints allow you to create an album of your own if you want to use the box for other things (one mom was using it for the “baby’s firsts” box) or you can safely store your prints long term.

For those ordering individual digital files instead of a collection, I include a 5×7 of that print as well for the same reason. You now have professionally printed copies of the images to both enjoy and compare to future reprints for quality assurance. If you print that professional photo at a local lab and the baby looks green and you wonder if the baby SHOULD look green – now you know (and no, she shouldn’t. Lab color and quality can vary greatly!).

I also will include a web sized version of any purchased images for social media, as well as occasionally share on my Facebook Page for clients to tag. You CAN have beautiful wall portraits and still stay digital!

Contact me for a link to my client website with all the information you could need (and more!).

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