Durham Children’s Photographer

Frozen kiddo alert! Once again, stuck to a tight schedule (just in town visiting for “spring” break) we went ahead with a very, ahem, chilly morning. But this little guy was so tough, tolerated the cold and went along with all my silly games. The 5 (ish) year old can get a little tricky for photos – they start the dreaded fake smile – but not with him. He was a rockstar!

Boy hugging Mom black and white

These were taken at the American Tobacco District in Durham, NC. Such a fun spot to work in but I like to go early so we are not in the way of all the businesses out there. Plus, you can stay for lunch when we’re done!

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  1. Season, you must have a magic touch with kids, the combo of 5 year old plus little boy plus cold weather and yet he still looks so happy and comfortable…magic.

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