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The Blog Carousel is a collection of photos take by professional photographers around the world on the same theme. Every month different photographers participate and you can scroll through a “virtual art gallery” by following the links at the bottom of each post until you have scrolled through all the images. This month’s theme is “Hobbies”. I actually laughed when I saw it – hobbies?! Does doing laundry count? Showering? Because (as most small business owners would agree) outside of work and Mom I feel like I pretty much just do my best to survive. I can’t really say “I am an avid ______” – I just do what needs to be done. So…I’m skipping this carousel.

But, the more I thought about it the more I realized that things I do to just “survive” ARE actually the things I am passionate about. That’s what makes a hobby, right? Of course my “hobbies” may be considered chores by others … so maybe I have just convinced myself that my chores are actually hobbies so I don’t feel bad about not having real hobbies. Hmmmm.

I love being outside.

Well, I love being outside and WARM which is one (of many) reasons I complain so much all winter long. I like to bike ride, hike, go to festivals or concerts, cook out and just sit on the deck with friends all night. Saturday mornings I literally get itchy if we don’t get outside. Along with that I really like yard work. I like to weed, plant, water, dig in the dirt and check on the progress of my little green babies every day. I know my neighbors must wonder what I am doing wandering around the yard every evening inspecting my plants, checking for blooms, planning what to add next. We built this house a little over three years ago and it’s our first “big” yard. It was a completely blank slate so it’s a slow work in progress to get it to the lush yard we want it to be. I also container garden every summer, vegetables and herbs which is what is pictured below. A little late of a start this year thanks to old man winter keeping his grip for so long but they go in the dirt soon. If you don’t have at least an herb garden, what are you waiting for? It’s very easy to maintain and grabbing fresh herbs (for free!) every night for dinner is a dream!

container herb garden basil tomatoes

I enjoy cooking. I have always liked to cook but it’s become even more of a passion since changing my family’s way of eating to a healthier, whole food diet. How can I make delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals and snacks as simply possible? I plan on sharing more of these recipes as time goes on. We rarely eat out any more because frankly, I like controlling what goes into my body and usually I can make it at home for a lot less money (and just as tasty). Not to mention organic, non GMO and with no added sugar, preservatives, and other yucky stuff. Yes, I’m one of those. And yes I get a little more preachy then I mean to but I am so tired of seeing friends and loved ones suffer through illness and pain that could very much be controlled with food. I feel GOOD and I want everyone else to feel good too! And yep, that’s my breakfast in the top right there. Every day, a loaded with nutrients smoothie. Perhaps a post on that soon.

spinach smoothie

I guess this is all wrapped up in my general love of wellness. I enjoy exercise and get grumpy when I can’t make it to the gym. No photos from the gym, I look the same as everyone else sweating it out in there. No neat work outs or classes, just good old fashioned cardio and weights. And the better I feel, the more likely I am to want to do the things that I love that aren’t chore related – hanging out with my family and friends, going out on a Friday night to see a show, keeping up with toddlers at a session. 😉

To continue through the blog carousel please visit Child and Family photographer (kitchener waterloo cambridge) – maybe she has an actual real hobby!


  1. I like your hobbies! I am too are trying to do a little container garden with herbs. Still a work in progress but I got a few going as of now. Great documentation of your interests!

  2. YES!!! This post is filled with such great stuff that I don’t know where to start! First off, cooking/growing are totally hobbies. I *should* do more of the growing part out of necessity, but let my husband do it. So yes, that is a hobby if you enjoy it. Then next I completely believe many illnesses can be controlled with food. I’m a true believer in the idea that when our bodies are sick it’s because things are imbalanced. And that starts with food. I have a vitamix on the way (finally – been putting off the purchase for years) and am so ridiculously excited about it. So if you do find time to post about the smoothies you make I would love it!

  3. LOL I laughed when I read “maybe she has a real hobby” because I also featured gardening and eating fresh food! I know exactly what you mean…when you are busy in life, you need to incorporate things you love as much as possible into your day to day life. Although it would be nice to do something JUST fun again!

  4. You crack me up. I know exactly what you mean. I just started doing my hobbies in the last couple of years after I got a little miffed thinking about how unfair it is that I don’t have time. So I started stealing time. Miraculously my family die! 🙂 But I mostly have the kind of hobbies you do; the practical sort, because no one will say “why are you wasting time making dinner?” 🙂 I would say they are both very legitimately hobbies. Plenty of people buy veggies at the store and buy Hamburger Helper to feed their families. Good for you!

  5. I am in the same boat, I was beginning to think my focus on wellness was a bit of an obsession, but I think I prefer to call it a hobby also. A necessary hobby. 🙂

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