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Sneak Peek! | Haywood Hall Portrait Session

I had to sneak in an “outtake” from this session (and I use that term loosely because honestly, they are usually some of my favs and most indicative of real life!). Something happens right around the age of one that make family or sibling shots oddly difficult. There are exceptions of course but most babies reach toddler stage and along with it comes a OH- MY-GOD-DO-NOT-TOUCH-MEEEEE stage. This usually comes with the older sibling’s I-LOVE-YOU-EVEN-THOUGH-I-AM HUGGING YOUR THROAT stage and the combo equals something that looks like torture in photos. Don’t fear – it does get better. Usually in the next few months, sometimes a year – sometimes it may be in their 40s but one day your kids will totally get in a photo together happily 🙂






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