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WRAL’s Kelcey Carlson | Newborn Photos Slideshow

Kelcey Carlson and family announced their sweet new bundle on the WRAL Facebook page today so I thought I would share here as well. It’s also a great peek into what a full newborn session looks like from start to finish. Gorgeous people, inside and out – makes my job easy!

Season Moore Photography.com | Carlson Family

Remember that newborn sessions should take place within the first two weeks of life for the best results so please book early. Don’t assume you’ll remember to do it after the baby comes – sometimes you’re doing good just to remember to eat!

Current schedule update: April is fully booked and May has limited spaces available.

Mini sessions coming up on April 12th – 11:00 spot remaining. Later April minis are on the books, contact me for more info.


  1. Season – you are so talented. These images are priceless. I only wish I had gotten you to do Hayes’ newborn session. I thought I could do them myself, but you know, 4 kids and hormones and all, well, it didn’t exactly work out. No newborn pictures of Hayes. I am so mad at myself!!! You are amazing!!

    1. Oh no!! Shooting your own kids is hard enough as kids but as a newborn it may as well be illegal to try! You had just had a BABY woman! Have one more and I’ll do those 😉

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