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Sneak Peek! | Wake Forest Family Portraits

This fall has been SO fabulous for portraits.  Few rain reschedules and lovely warmer than normal temperatures that mean my sweet clients (and fingers!) haven’t frozen for the last month.  But there were a few exceptions.  This was one of them.  Boy was it ever chilly this morning!  The kidsicles took turns in wearing coats and sitting on black asphalt pathways to warm up in between shooting and many a tissue was used.  I wasn’t even sure what to expect from the session when we left, which is rare.  But then I opened the images and cold works for these girls!  They are the sweetest and most fun images!

As much as I hate being cold (really, really hate) I do love cold weather images.  Jeans and boots and coats and scarves and pink noses – I have to admit, I might need to get over my cold phobia and get outside more this winter.  I had a hard time narrowing for the blog, I will have the rest to you soon Mom!







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