Last call!

A newsletter was just sent to clients (and clients, let me know if you didn’t receive it for some reason!) with last minute ordering and sessions details.  If you are wanting to order cards or prints from past sessions they must be ordered by next Friday, November 12th.

I know that people wonder at times why I have ordering deadlines or limited gallery viewing time but the main reason is that I am just a one person show most of the time and in order to give every client the attention and service they deserve I have to run a pretty tight ship around here.  If I didn’t know when orders were going to come in or when clients would be needing my help with gallery design, etc I couldn’t properly schedule sessions or provide timely service.  I always try to be as flexible as possible because I know it’s not always easy to make decisions, but hopefully that helps to explain why I have things set up the way that I do!

Also, if you are hoping to get a session in before the holidays please contact me TODAY! I have two possible dates left before Thanksgiving.  If you are expecting a new baby in the next few months contact me to get on the schedule in advance.  I always try to work in last minute newborns if at all possible but the best way to guarantee we get the session done in the first week after  birth is to plan for it well in advance.

Ok, I’m off to get back to work – this fall has been awesome so far!

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