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Sneak Peek | Durham Children’s Photographer

So when I’m shooting a session I am keeping little mental notes about where we have shot, what type of photos I have gotten, how many of each child, lighting, background, etc etc.  So I know at about what point we have gotten a good variety and can wrap the session.  Shooting past that point means having more proofs to choose from, which also means an even harder time for the parents placing their order.  Plus the shorter time we spend in the session the less stress it is on the kids and the more fun they have and ultimately that is always my goal.  So, all this is said to bring me to this point – sometimes there happen to be sessions with very, very cute little girls in very, very cute little outfits that are just a joy to work with and continue to give me great shot after great shot and I don’t stop.  I overshoot.  And I overshoot bad.  And now I am over posting to the blog because I have gotten myself into this mess and I feel the need to share it.  So Mom and Dad I have way too many gorgeous images of your girls here, if there can ever be such a thing!










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