Sneak Peek! | Raleigh Children’s Photographer

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but … IT GOT WARM THIS WEEK!  I know I have a pretty subtle personality so you may not have noticed, but I’m not a big big fan of winter (especially cold, harsh ones that don’t cut us even a little slack for running around outdoors and taking pictures!) so I was jumping for joy when I saw this week’s forecast.  We made up a few sessions that had been rescheduled due to cold and this little sweetie was even able to wear a sleeveless dress.  Ahhhh warm, I had forgotten what you felt like!

We had such a fun time and even convinced her (very funny) big brother to get in a few pictures, until he threatened to beat me up unless I stopped.  This is a tough job I have, I tell ya! 😉


  1. WHAT A PERFECT session with this family. These are SO GORGEOUS!!!! I love coming to see all the beautiful work that you do for everyone around you. They are lucky to have found you and booked with you!

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