Displaying your Portraits

Sometimes I show up at a client’s home for a session only to find photos from their last session(s) still sitting in their original packaging (yes, you know who you are!).  Looking at a pile of prints and trying to decide what in the world to do with them is overwhelming for sure – this coming from a person that is in a new house and still trying to decide how to hang my own prints.  I give my clients a wall gallery book to use when ordering (I think deciding on a layout BEFORE you order is the best way to go – filling in the blanks is much easier than starting from scratch) and I am working on making it bigger and better for 2010.  I am also going to incorporate into the shopping cart so you can order an entire grouping in just one click but for those that already have prints in hand, let’s get them on the walls!

I did some googling and found several resources for gallery ideas, some better than others. This article from Apartment Therapy has some cute ideas.  This one shows a photo made into wall paper – that’s some serious commitment to a portrait – but look through the other thumbnail ideas, some super cute stuff.

I do love Pottery Barn but they have a bad habit of putting tiny prints in large matted frames.  Pretty, but unless people stand within a foot of the print they are not able to see them print you’re so in love with.  If you’re a little afraid of going large measure and cut a piece of wrapping paper in the size(s) you’re considering and stick it on the wall.  I think most people are surprised to see that what SOUNDS huge isn’t so when it’s on the wall.  In fact I rarely hear from clients that they ordered too large – generally I hear that they wish they had gone bigger.


Don’t be afraid to go with non standard crops and sizes, measure your wall space and make use of the unique opportunities your home allows.  You can mix color and black and white, mix frames styles, really get as creative as you want.  Please feel free to ask me for help as well.   I really love putting together galleries and seeing the final result – please send me a snapshot of your gallery so I can share it on the blog!  A client sent me the below pictures a few months ago, she has a mix of framed prints and gallery mounts (and a gorgeous home!)




If you have a wall gallery you love, shoot me a picture of it!

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