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Sneak Peek! | Wake Forest Family Portraits

The reality of working with kids is that sometimes they are just not in the mood for photos.  And sometimes, they are reeeeeeally not in the mood.


And it’s not uncommon that when one sibling is reeeeeeally not in the mood that the other is just happy as a clam.


These are the times when a laid back mom and dad with a great sense of humor come in handy because with enough time, bribes, promises, begging and we can usually crack them.


While the other sibling hangs out, chilled and relaxed as possible.


And in time, you get just what you were after!


I know the session didn’t go exactly as you had planned, but believe me that the results are fantastic!


  1. Wow – The picture of Mckenna with the nut in her hand made the morning worthwhile. That is an amazing picture! Thank-you.

  2. These are great- just adorable. And nice to know that it’s not just my daughter who is stubborn in front of the camera 🙂 Beautiful!

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