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Sneak Peek! | Raleigh Newborn Twin Portraits

Look at these lovely sweeties!  I heard a rumor that they slept all day but they clearly did not want to sleep through their modeling debut.  It always amazes me how many hands it can take to manage two little tiny people!  Such a precious time to capture.  I have to include one of the big brother and sister too.  Gorgeous, gorgeous family!







  1. Oh my goodness. There is nothing more emotion-inducing in me than the innocence of babies. And this response is more than multiplied by two for these twins. You have captured something so wonderful here! Beautiful kids, beautiful photos!

  2. Dana and Emmett have the most beautiful blessings anyone could ever want. They are darling, of course, big brother and sister are always the cutest. What a wonderful present to themselves and others to share such a beautiful blessing. Ruth and Donnie

  3. Dana They are Beautiful….I know you and Emmette are so Proud..and Emma and Daniel are just as Precious…Love U Both…

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