Sneak Peek, finally! | Hillsborough, NC Newborn Photographer

This little guy was born at over 11lbs and even more impressive, he was born naturally at home.  I had to include a shot of him in Mom’s arms for you – she is adorable and tiny and pretty much super mom as far as I am concerned!  He was very alert and wanted to party more than be photographed, but after some snuggling and a couple of snacks we got him where we wanted him!  He’s gorgeous, Mom!




  1. I was there right after Danielle was brought home from the hospital… as a new neighbor. Then, her mother and I became lifelong friends. Her mother and father, my husband and I, raised our kids together. Now, her children and my daughter Katie (above comment) have both moved from Maine and are living in North Caroline… while I’m in California. You just bridged the distance for me with the most remarkable images of this baby that I could have ever imagined. What a beautiful eye and marvelous compositions. You’re a very, very talented photographer! Congratulations.

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