Prayers for a client

My clients very often become my friends and I care for their children and family so it’s heartbreaking for me to hear that one is hurting.  I wanted to ask for prayers for a family going through a very difficult time.  The information below is from September 4th on their Facebook group page here, updates are provided there as well.  They need prayers for comfort and healing so they can get their dad back as soon as possible.  They have three sweet, beautiful kiddos that you have seen on this blog before.

A dear friend of mine (who is only 40) has been dealt with some life altering health issues. Andy had his first stroke about three years ago, they found the problem fixed it and life went on as he knew it. (He even was blessed with a third child). Now here is the mystical part as of about 3 weeks ago he begin noticing stroke symptoms again and much to his families dismay he had been suffering from mini strokes. He went back into the hospital only to find that the same artery was blocked again. The team of Doctors were stunned to say the least and they wanted to make certain what procedure they wanted to do, (go in and clean it again or put a new vain in his neck). Finally the Docs decide to go in explore their options and make a decision then. They ended up putting a synthetic graph in his artery. As of today September 4th 2009 after his surgery yesterday Andy suffered another stroke after post-op. So far he is alert and somewhat awake. I’m asking that we all pray for him, his wife and their three children that his recovery is strong and quick.

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