What to Wear Wednesdays | Dress for your portrait session from Target!

I skipped last week’s What to Wear and it’s not because I forgot but more because what I was creating was looking pretty much like something I created a week before.  I think if you look at the past entries you can see the theme (color, very little use of white, flattering lines and fit on mom, accessories, coordinating family looks and not matching, etc) so I thought I would take a different angle and dress the family from Target.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great look for portraits (in fact you probably have the perfect clothes already in your closet!) and this is just one example.  They have alot of cute stuff and who isn’t at Target at least once a week anyway??


I won’t be posting outfits weekly but we’re close to changing seasons (can you believe it??) and I will have some fall looks soon!

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  1. I am a long-time blog stalker of yours, and LOVE these what to wear posts. I’m wondering if you’d mind if I link to this category on my photography blog… I work in Okinawa, Japan (stationed here due to my hubby being in the USMC) and constantly have to work to convince people to leave their white shirts at home! You’re wonderful, thank you for this!

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