Sneak Peek! | Foggy day at Duke Gardens

(Just a reminder that we are closed today through July 8th although I am here and still very much working – soon we will be closed, I promise kids!)  It is so hard to plan around weather.  You never know from weather reports alone what the next day will hold, and sometimes it’s just not easy to reschedule on a mornings notice if parents have made arrangements to miss work/school/etc.  But we can make it work, even days like this one that gave us a nice heavy layer of fog to work with in addition to thick cloud cover.  Light is so important in photography, and waiting for the right light in any situation is worth it.  I know parents sometime wonder why I am not shooting at times through out a session, especially when their kid is doing something downright adorable.  Creating portraits is more than just the moment itself (for snapshots, by all means grab the moment!), I’m watching the light on your child’s face, what’s happening around and behind them, looking for distracting elements that may take away from the image, making sure the position the child is in is flattering, and on and on.  If I don’t think all those factors are working together to create a gorgeous portrait, I won’t shoot it.  Days that are heavily overcast can make for more challenging conditions, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just requires a little more creativity!

You may recognize this gorgeous little girl as a gorgeous little baby on my site.  And this time I got to meet little brother too who was just as sweet as can be and full of spunk.  We has a great morning!







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