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Sneak Peek! | Cary Children’s Portraits

I don’t know how many sessions I have had with this family at this point, quite a few.  They were a family of four and we documented a growing tummy and a growing family and now they have three beautiful kids running in three opposite directions.  I know exactly how the session will go, cute kids, big smiles, eager subjects, breaking out into total chaos, me laughing harder than I have laughed in ages, and then we’re done.  So after as many session as we have had I should know by now that I can only shoot for, say, 15 minutes total and wrap the session because otherwise I will end up with way.too.many.awesome.photos.  Even the so called out takes are so stinky funny I can’t bear to part with them and I know Mom and Dad well enough to know that they will enjoy them too.  I love the bond these guys have, there is nothing better than a family that just truly enjoys each other through and through.

And now I can’t decide which photos to put on the blog.









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  1. I can see why you had trouble choosing – these are so beautiful! Oh,and can I just tell Mom that her outfit choices were perfect?

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